100 Day Design Challenge

I officially began on February 26, 2017 and completed the design challenge on June 5, 2017. I began with little to no design knowledge, and my goal was to become familiar and quicker with design tools and see how much I've improved from Day 1 all the way to Day 100.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the past 100 days was that designing wasn’t just simply placing nice colours and shapes onto a page. It’s really about solving the greater user experience problem, to provide a seamless, problem-free experience for all users, whether it be within an app or a website.

Day 84 - Adventure Is Out There!


This is the reason why I'm not a graphic designer. This was really hard to create using Sketch and I had to go back to my old ways of using Photoshop to create the visual effects.

To be honest, there was nothing hard about this design. The only struggle I had was to create the outline of the clouds so that it can cover the text. Next I tried to create a gradient over the image to make it more lively. However, this was hard especially when the image isn't attached to the background.

As for the text, I had trouble finding an appropriate text for this. I wanted to create something more brush like, however I wasn't able to find anything I wanted on Google fonts. I ended up using the font Covered By Your Grace. To make the font look more brush-like, I decided to replicated three times, adjusted the size for each of them and made the gradient for all of them different. I really hope I'll find a brush-like font some day in the future, this will help speed my process up.

Other than the image and the font, there wasn't much I've learned from this design. I've come to realize that only great image edits can be done in Photoshop. I'm just going to tell myself that Sketch won't create the effect I want, and I should use Sketch for simpler designs.

Andrea Ho