100 Day Design Challenge

I officially began on February 26, 2017 and completed the design challenge on June 5, 2017. I began with little to no design knowledge, and my goal was to become familiar and quicker with design tools and see how much I've improved from Day 1 all the way to Day 100.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the past 100 days was that designing wasn’t just simply placing nice colours and shapes onto a page. It’s really about solving the greater user experience problem, to provide a seamless, problem-free experience for all users, whether it be within an app or a website.

Day 86 - Sunflowers for Sale


I'm starting to create pages that goes out of the norm and contains creativity. I found an inspiration on Pinterest, then decided to make it my own by changing its theme from Cactus to Sunflower.

This was a really fun design to create. Instead of using the same colour theme as the Cactus, I decided to change the theme to a bright sunflower-yellow. I also made sure the flowers looked bright and fresh to attract customers. As for the text in the background, I used font Helvetica with font sizes close to 1000. The main thing I played around with this design was the gradient. I didn't want to make the text obvious, but enough for the user to notice that it's there. For the paragraph text, the image on Pinterest wasn't clear enough for me to read what it was, so I made up a catchy phrase to attract users. Instead of "Purchase Now!" I changed it to "Find Out More" because this type of product isn't very common, so the likelihood of users wanting to know the logistics and the product is high.

Everything else was pretty straightforward and easy to create. I wanted to make sure that this page delivered a clear message to the customer who is visiting the page. I really hope I got that across. I like how this design has designs outside of the page, yet it still provides a clear and compelling message.

Andrea Ho