100 Day Design Challenge

I officially began on February 26, 2017 and completed the design challenge on June 5, 2017. I began with little to no design knowledge, and my goal was to become familiar and quicker with design tools and see how much I've improved from Day 1 all the way to Day 100.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the past 100 days was that designing wasn’t just simply placing nice colours and shapes onto a page. It’s really about solving the greater user experience problem, to provide a seamless, problem-free experience for all users, whether it be within an app or a website.

Day 99 - Boxes on Boxes


I was so very excited when I came across this design. I realized when I was creating this design that I focused more on graphic than web design. It was my goal to bring back on the graphic design I began with at the beginning of my 100 days challenge and implement it into the this website design.

This was a very neat design that I got to create. It involved playing around with the gradient and the different layers. First, for the 3D effect I had trouble finding a tool that allowed two points to come towards each other when they're selected and dragged. I actually found the solution through a Photoshop technique, which was to use the transform tool. I was surprised it worked. I remember using the Transform tool for something else, but it never came across my mind to use it in this situation.

As for the text, I used font Lato. It was very difficult to predict the spacing for between the characters and the lines. There were a lot of estimates and trial and error, but after some time, I was able to get the spacing style I wanted. It was even more difficult when I played around the one-letter lines. Overall, I'm satisfied with the spacing for each text and it looks consistent throughout the whole design.

I also want to point out the addition of a call-to-action button. At first glance, I wasn't too sure what this website was suppose to be. Instead of coming up with a product/service to sell for this website, I decided to completely ignore it. Instead I just thought of where it'd be a good place to put the call-to-action button. I decided to place it on the bottom right corner with a half arrow for aesthetics.

I'm actually very happy with the graphic design I created for this website. However, I didn't focus on the outcome or the final picture of this website, like what is this website suppose to do, are there interactions within the site, do the objects move, etc. Other than that, I definitely focused on the creativity aspect for the user, also making sure the text is easy to read.

Andrea Ho